Update your menu at a moment’s notice with digital signage

Stock moves fast, and so does your digital signage
Be it a last-minute promotion from Head Office, a broken ice-cream machine, or a popular item suddenly selling out for the evening, anything can be updated instantly when you display your menus digitally. Run multiple promotional campaigns alongside menus that can be tweaked at any time to accommodate your restaurant’s ever-changing supplies.

The difference really is “night and day”
If your staff are constantly having to remind customers when a Breakfast Menu has switched over to a Lunch of Dinner menu…then it really is time to go digital.

Save your customer the aggravation, and save your staff the distraction. Have automatically programmed menu changeovers ready to go with a digital menu for any hour of the day.

No more Drive-Through dilemmas
Nobody appreciates squinting at sun-bleached typography from their car window as they frantically try to find menu items to order from a waiting drive through employee. Digital drive through menus are a superior solution by far, offering an unparalleled visual experience for customers.

Well-designed menus can be displayed on large, bright, easy-to-read screens. Accompanying imagery or footage of deliciously photographed food can inspire customers to order old favourites, or to explore something outside their comfort zone.

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