The retail experience is going digital with electronic signage

Seen from the streets
Digital signage is so easy to see from the streets. Day or night, driving or on foot, it takes a split second to see your screens and know that yours is the place to go for a delicious frappe, or a spot of fashionable retail therapy.

Sales and seasons
Seasoned store owners surely understand the pain of waiting for seasonal or promotional signage to print. Deliveries can be muddled, sizes can be hit or miss, and don’t even get us started on spelling mistakes…

Able to be updated at a moment’s notice, digital signage is the perfect solution for announcing any updates to your store. You can present multiple campaigns at once on your digital signage! Be it a Spring sale or a new season’s stock arrival, you can present both on your sleek screens.

Setting the scene
Typographic, static paper or plastic signs tend to show, rather than tell your customers what they should shop for in your store. Screens show the customer what it looks like to eat, wear, hear or use your product. Garments can be displayed in cinematic catwalk videos, coffees can be brewed and various game or movie trailers can be played at once. All you have to do is provide the wall space, and your screen can handle the rest!

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